Call for applications:

  • Internships are offered throughout the year.
  • Collaboration: No particular need at present.
  • Network: It is possible to sponsor colleagues to join ALW.
  • Carefully selected colleagues are also involved, for vacations, subcontracting, co-contracting, etc.

Criteria :

In particular, account is taken of :

  • the course of study followed (a law degree with a double degree or a foreign degree is preferred) and/or the experience acquired ;
  • synergies and complementarities that can be envisaged in the long term;
  • motivation and work capacity;
  • language skills.

Human resources:

The firm must remain a place of work and personal development. It is therefore proposed that :

  • rules of good conduct” designed to preserve and promote the firm’s culture and image;
  • career plans” that take into account your wishes for development and -* the needs of the firm;
  • training plans and, if necessary, a strategy for developing a personal clientele;
  • a systematic “sponsorship” of the young associate.

Write to us and we will contact you.