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Our values and warranties

Since its creation in 2011, our lawyers have created an ecosystem of partners to guarantee a global approach to your problems.

Legal Link Worldwide Association

The main goal of ALW is to help each other within a network of lawyers, mainly by exchanging reliable information, in order to best meet your expectations, anywhere in the world, with the aim of promoting liberal democratic values, human rights and a strong professional ethics.

Network of lawyers “Association Legal Link Worldwide” ALW was recognized by the Paris Bar Association on April 5, 2011 with the status of a network of lawyers (prefectural registration W751209745 of April 29, 2011).

The values of our network of lawyers

Simplicity: the law is a weapon. To help you master it and use it in your best interests…

Efficiency: working in synergy with you, your teams and your advisers… Notaries, chartered accountants, bankers, insurers, etc. in France or abroad are our natural and complementary contacts to better satisfy you.

Qualities: as auxiliaries of justice, from prestigious business law firms open to the international market, we offer you a quality service, in compliance with the strong deontology of a regulated profession.

Transparency: except in special cases, an “engagement letter” specifies the conditions of our intervention.
We generally invoice on a “time spent” basis. In some cases, we can agree on a “flat-rate” remuneration and/or one that is partly dependent on the “result”. If you use our services regularly, you can ask for a “subscription” to flatten and/or spread your payments.


In the event of disagreement, you may contest our fees with the President of the Bar Association.

We are bound by an obligation of means. A professional liability insurance policy, taken out directly by the Paris Bar Association, can be used in the event of professional negligence (up to €4 million per claim). An insurance policy also guarantees the reimbursement of funds entrusted to us for a specific purpose (up to €35,000,000).
We have never yet had to activate these guarantees.

Further information can be obtained from the Paris Bar Association and/or in our “General Conditions of Services”.

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